Inspiration and Advocacy


Connect, inspire, and inform the community on promising ideas to ensure every child’s success.


In order to empower parents to demand an excellent education for all Charleston students, the Coalition for Kids is looking forward to a continued partnership with Charleston RISE. Charleston RISE mobilizes advocates and prepares them for community advocacy through participation in an intensive 30-week, two-part program, focusing on an information fellowship as well as taking part in campaigns with projects ranging from a parent advocacy program to be implemented through churches, to generating local support for high-quality public schools in North Charleston.


The Coalition believes every child deserves a trusted mentor. This year, the Coalition has supported Be A Mentor in expanding their program in Charleston County. Be A Mentor is able to make measurable differences in the lives of youth throughout the area by targeting children on the brink of success and partnering them with a mentor to develop positive relationships with caring adults who empower them to reach their full potential through mentorship.


This May, the Coalition took business and community leaders across Charleston to Dallas-Fort Worth in order to spark a conversation around building an educational ecosystem. The group visited and heard from the Leadership Academy Network, a public school of innovation network operated by autonomous organization, Rocketship public charter schools, Urban Teachers, a teacher pipeline program, the Commit Partnership, an impact organization cultivating a collaborative education ecosystem, and Parent Shield, a parent advocacy organization. The Coalition looks forward to continue to inspire and connect leaders in our community to better ensure every child’s success.


The Coalition for Kids is excited to work with Griptape, Inc. – an organization that offers young people ages 14-19 an opportunity to design a 10-week learning experience, with up to $500 to pursue this learning, and a Champion to support them. With the help of the Coalition, GripTape is working this year to expand their program to South Carolina, giving Charleston teens the chance to follow their passion and interests, from starting a podcast, to studying antibiotic resistance, in their own unique way! We are looking forward to seeing what Learning Challenges our local teens create!