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"You can help us in our mission in many ways, from registering to vote, attending a fundraiser or event, making a donation, or simply telling your friends, family and neighbors about our organization."


Don’t Forget To Vote!




An Authorized Representative (Representative) is a registered voter who acts on behalf of a voter who is unable to go to the polls because of either:

  • An illness or disability resulting in the voter’s confinement in a hospital, sanatorium, nursing home, or place of residence; or
  • handicap rendering the voter unable to vote at his polling place due to existing architectural barriers that deny him physical access to the polling places, voting booth, or voting apparatus or machinery.
  • Candidates and paid campaign workers may not serve as a Representative except for immediate family members.
  • A Representative must complete the Authorized Representative form.

A Representative may:

  • Request a voter’s application. 
  • Return the application through 5:00 p.m., Friday, October 30.
  • The ballot will be mailed to the voter.


An Authorized Returnee (Returnee) is a person who can be authorized by any voter to return the voter’s absentee by mail ballot.

  • Candidates and paid campaign workers may not serve as a Returnee except for immediate family members.
  • The voter and Returnee must complete the Authorization to Return Absentee Ballot form.  The Returnee must present the form when returning the ballot.